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Project Mountain Project Management Software

Project Management... Simplified

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Project Mountain makes work-life easier.

Marvel at its features.

Quickly hop from one thing to the next.

Project Mountain was designed with speed and usability in mind. As busy as our lives are, we need to be able to get to everything faster than we ever have before.

  • Click "+"
  • And again.
  • keep going.

Visualize your entire project plan once.

When you instantly know how you want to organize a project, reduce the amount of headache and knock out all the planning at once, using our interactive gantt charts.

Track the expenses that follow
your project.

Projects never seem to end, and one of the scariest parts is keeping all of your finances in order during the process. Keep track of your expenses for each project within Project Mountain and never fret about something being unaccounted for again.

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Minimize & manage your time...

The hardest part about working is keeping track of time. You can add time for tasks from anywhere and then see the billable cost to yourself or the client, based on how much the time is worth per user or project.


Real-time in-app notifications.

No more worry about having to go back and forth between email and the app to stay up-to-date with statuses, comments, and assignments on projects and tasks. Project Mountain’s in-app notifications keep you in one place so you don’t get lost flipping back and forth.

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Generate detailed client, project,
& user reports.

Know exactly how much time and expenses have been accrued for a client and quickly see how much is left to bill.

Mobile Access to Tasks

Mobile? Yes.

Agility is key. Manage your projects on the go. Whether you are at the airport, a client meeting or the office, Project Mountain’s responsive design will follow you seamlessly. Create projects, update tasks, manage expenses and read reports from any computer or modern day mobile device.

Convinced? Try it, risk-free.
You have unlimited projects, so go crazy getting things done.